Getting a Job?

Now that we are all in high school, we enjoy going out with friends more. We like to spend money shopping, eating out, and just driving around. But where do we get all this money to do that? The majority of us have a job that we either work on the weekends or sometimes after school. A big question that many might have is, how can you balance school and work without getting behind?

When I asked how people balanced their school and work life, many stated that it was stressful at times, but they enjoyed having a little extra money. Alaina Yianakopulos, who works at Exit 14, said, “I balance my school and job by having a planner. I make sure that I know the due dates and deadlines, this keeps me very organized.” She found out that it is a little easier to make deadlines with something to help her organize, in this case, a planner.

Should you get a job if you don’t have one? Lexi Jacobson, who gives pitching lessons, says, “Get a job that isn’t going to consume your life. You have the rest of your life to work, and you only get to be in high school once. Learning how to work hard and the life skills are very important as well.” She makes a really good point here in her statement. If you are debating on getting that first job in high school take into consideration what she said. Get that job, but don’t let it take over your life! There’s plenty of more years to earn money.

Do high school students actually enjoy having a job? Many said they do. “I like having a job because it puts a little money in my pocket for when I need it,” expressed Wyatt Farmer, who’s employed at Walmart. Money is definitely a big reason for persuasion to get your first job. Although trying to balance work and school can be a big task, many love the reward of being able to go out with friends.