Salina Mural

What’s new in Salina? There is one new addition that stands out the most in the community. It is the amazing painting that Salina now has on the 122 year old grain mill downtown. You’ve probably seen this impressive painting , but do you know the meaning behind it?


This project had a cost of $250,000 covered by private donors of Salina. This piece of work is an  incredible 360 degree painting that was painted by an Australian artist named Guido Van Helton. He is known for making realistic murals around the world. The Salina Project Manager believes this “Mural at the Mill” will be a great addition to the downtown attraction. He stated how he wants Salina to be a destination instead of a gas station stop while traveling. He also believes that having a mural by a famous artist will bring attraction to Salina in the form of individuals who hope to see Van Helton’s amazing work.Something most people don’t know is that Helton was in Salina for two months during the summer observing the Salina community. He told KWCH News that he felt Salina was a very welcoming town, and he enjoyed his stay. It was his decision on what the mural would be. Ven Helton, being the famous artist he is, was fully trusted with the task.


The mural is children all around the grain mill united by holding each other’s hands. Another interesting fact about the mural is that the kids painted on the mural are kids from the town of Salina. The picture painted was an actual picture that Helton captured while observing our town. He thought this picture represented the welcoming and united community of Salina.