October Teacher Spotlight


Southeast of Saline is known for having good teachers. The teachers are a big part of what makes Southeast of Saline a great school. This month’s teacher spotlight is Mr. Baird. Mr. Baird is known for having an outgoing and friendly personality. He is very involved with students and often makes their day better. 

Mr. Baird has been teaching high school social studies for 37 years. He started teaching at Southeast of Saline because the Superintendent and Board chose him. Mr. Baird said his favorite part of teaching at Southeast of Saline is the people. His least favorite part of teaching, in general, is grading, more specifically grading make up work. Mr. Baird attended Bethany College where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Social Science Teaching. He received his Masters degree in Counseling at Kansas State University. 

Mr. Baird’s favorite subject in school was American History. That is very fitting since he teaches high school Social Studies. If Mr. Baird could choose any other subject to teach; he would teach Geology. He would choose to teach Geology because he likes earth science. If he could choose another occupation he would be a sanitation engineer. He chose this career because business is always picking up.

We pretty much only know our teachers in a school setting. We don’t always get to know what they do outside of school. When Mr. Baird isn’t at school, he likes to spend time with family and attend sporting events. During the summer, Mr. Baird sometimes works at his son’s farm. He also works at the school with things revolving around football. A fun fact about Mr. Baird is he was a two-time Washington County Tennis champion.