Holiday Spirit


Abby Commerford and Kimber Ogorzolka, Reporters

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For many SES students, it’s their favorite time. There are many different activities that students take part in to get into the spirit. Some of these include caroling, baking, watching classic Christmas movies, and spending time with family.

Not that many kids like to sing Christmas Carols, but most students like to listen to Christmas music. Many favorites according to SES students are Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Underneath the Tree, and All I want for Christmas is You. 

Movies are another way to get into the spirit. Many favorites are The Grinch, Elf, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, and The Princess Switch. 

Everyone has a special tradition to do with their family during Christmas time. Junior, Lindsey Dean said, “ I love going to church on Christmas Eve and having a candlelight church service. “ Putting up the tree is Freshman, Kennedy Stumpf’s favorite tradition. Mrs. Miller’s family enjoys hiding a pickle ornament in the tree each year. They elect a grandparent to hide the secret ornament, and whoever finds the ornament first gets an extra gift on Christmas morning.

When the decorations are up, you know it’s Christmas time. Most of the students’ favorite decorations are lights and Christmas trees. Some SES students have their own Christmas decorations that are their favorite. Sophomore Haivyn Nelson said, “I like the stockings the most because my great grandma hand makes all of my family’s stockings.” Many other favorites were wreaths, the Polar Express Bell, and Christmas village sets.

Christmas presents are so much fun to give and receive during the Christmas Season. Freshman Lorenzo McVay said he wants Jordan 4’s. Also, Senior Aubrey Givens wants Crystals and Gemstones for Christmas. Another popular gift students want are clothes and to be happy with their family. 

You only have Christmas desserts once a year, and you can always taste the Christmas joy that comes along with these festive treats. Cookies are the most popular pick at SES with sugar, gingerbread, and chocolate chip cookies being the top picks. Other favorites are peppernuts, peppermint bark, eggnog, and candy canes. In fact, when the students were asked if they would rather only be able to drink eggnog or only eat candy canes during Christmas, 62.5% reported that they would prefer to eat candy canes, and the other 37.5% said eggnog. 

Taking a more whimsical approach to the holiday, we asked the students a festive hypothetical question. When asked if they would live in a gingerbread house or ride the Polar Express, 69.7% of students would rather ride the Polar Express while the other 30.3% would live in a gingerbread house.

The students are ready to spend time with family at home and enjoy all of the Christmas Season. The decorations and treats are all up and ready. Christmas only comes once a year, and the SES students are all in.