Student Jobs


Jobs are a great opportunity for students to gain experience, make money, learn the value of hard work, and acquire important life skills that will help them post graduation.  Many students take advantage of these opportunities and get a job while still in high school.

Many students at Southeast are among the students that have taken advantage of the job opportunities that Salina has to offer. . These students find that working hard while also getting paid is a great way to prepare themselves for further down the road.

Having a job in high school can be a very rewarding experience if taken advantage of. “Having a job early in life definitely helps teach life skills by managing your time and people skills,” sophomore, Raegan Gooden said. 

Although jobs are great ways to gain life skills and experience, they can also be challenging. Trying to balance sports, schoolwork, and extracurricular activities with a job is very difficult for many students. “It’s hard having to balance all of the activities I’m in. Sometimes they contradict, and it can get a little crazy,” said sophomore Sherida Johnson. 

While working hard at a job is very important, staying up to date on schoolwork is also something that students can’t forget about, which can get a little overwhelming at times. “It is hard to balance schoolwork and my job because I have to work around my school activities and my work schedule,” senior Ivie Douglas said.

Some Southeast students don’t have a job right now, but plan on getting one some time while still in high school.

“I don’t have a job right now but I do plan on starting a lawn care business over the summer with a couple of friends,” said freshman Landon Albrecht. 

Other students who don’t have a job right now are still not planning on getting one in high school. Managing schoolwork, other activities, and having a job is just something that some students don’t find important during their time in high school.

Overall the results are mixed. Most students believe that having a job while they are still in high school is beneficial to them so that they can prepare themselves for later in life and work hard while getting paid, while other students would rather wait until they are out of high school.