Reagan Goetz & Kyler Boley, Reporters

The new teachers at Southeast of Saline are making an impact at SES. Mrs. Miller is a great example of this. Because of this, Mrs. Miller is this month’s teacher spotlight. This is her first year teaching high school at Southeast of Saline. Back in the 2016-17 school year, Mrs. Miller taught sixth grade here at Southeast of Saline. She left after that school year. We are happy to have her back at Southeast, teaching English 10 and publications. Mrs. Miller chose to teach at SES because she felt that the values of SES align well with her own values. She feels that SES cares about helping individuals on a personal level as well as an academic level.
Mrs. Miller attended Kansas Wesleyan University where she received her degree in Elementary Education. She also has an English Language Arts endorsement to her licenses. Mrs. Miller’s favorite subject in school was art (painting & printmaking). If she could choose any other subject to teach it would be art. Mrs. Miller said “I would love to teach art because I enjoy having a creative outlet and teaching others how to hone in on their own talents.” Mrs. Miller decided during her freshman year of high school that education was the career path for her.
Mrs. Miller’s favorite part of teaching at Southeast of Saline includes the staff and students. Mrs. Miller says, “I have absolutely loved making connections with my students and the staff here at Southeast.” Mrs. Miller goes out of her way to help students and make them feel cared for. This is one of the many reasons why she is loved by the students at Southeast of Saline and why she was chosen to be highlighted this month. Although Mrs. Miller loves her job, one thing she isn’t a fan of is grading essays. That is her least favorite part about teaching.
If Mrs. Miller could choose a different career, it would involve finance. She said, “I enjoy finance, so I would likely get a degree in finance to become a trust officer.” Many people forget that teachers have a life outside of the classroom. Mts. Miller loves to play with her son and work on commissioned pieces in her spare time. During the summer, Mrs. Miller and her son Ben like to go on adventures. They enjoy exploring museums, new playgrounds, and small businesses in the Salina area.
A fun fact about Mrs. Miller, is that she wrote and illustrated a book for her son, Ben. This may be a surprising fact to many people. Believe it or not Mrs. Miller’s book was pretty successful. Although she wrote it for Ben, many children and families had the pleasure of reading it together. This shows how creative Mrs. Miller is and how much work she puts into things. This translates into her classroom. She truly cares about each one of her students and she works hard to make sure they succeed.