End of Year Recap

With only 2 weeks left of school, we asked Southeast of Saline students to reflect back on their 2021-2022 school year. Many students described the school year as, “long, fun, amazing, messy, slow, valid, movie, draining, shambolic, and even Jude.” 

This year, students made some amazing memories, and they’re excited to make many more. Junior Ashlynd Merril’s favorite sports memory was when the softball team pranked the baseball team. “It was such a fun time and with everyone there, it was a great team bonding moment where we all were having a ton of fun!” said Ashlynd. Freshman Ben Heinrich’s favorite friend-related memory is going out to eat with the Cross Country team at Applebees. 

We asked students if they could go back and relive any memory from this school year. Senior, Eli Jackson said that he would go back and relive football season, “I’d give just about anything to play one more season,” said Eli. 

Next school year there are many things that students are looking forward to. Freshman, Landon Albrect and Sophomore Ben Grauerholz can both agree that they are looking forward to playing sports. Juniors,Emma Lippold and Ashlynd Merrill both are ready to get this school year over with and are ready to become seniors. 

Our students take pride in their accomplishments. Senior Aubrey Givens is proud of her accomplishment of becoming President of our school’s Eco Club. Senior Treyton Sutton is proud that he didn’t fail College Composition with Mr. Anderson, and Ben Grauerholz was also very proud of his woodworking project that he made. 

We asked students if they could change one thing about this school year, and they had some interesting opinions. “More Jude,” says sophomore Josiah Monday. Aubrey Givens said that she would like to change the amount of schoolwork that teachers gave. Ben Henrich stated that he would like to change his ability to be able to sit down and do work without being distracted. 

When it comes to favorites, students at Southeast definitely have favorite teachers. Sophomore, Sherdia Johnson’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Currie. “We became neighbors in January and became super close. Her little boys are some of my favorite people,” said Sherdia. Freshman Clayton Shelby’s favorite teacher is Mr. Ptacek because he likes to play basketball with him. Ben Grouetholtz’s favorite teacher is Mr. Settle, “Porque el es caballero.” 

This school year may have been long and tiring for some students, but others had fun and enjoyed it. It’s always fun to look back at memories from this school year, but it’s even better to make new ones.