Why do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?


Drawn by Luke Van Tassel

Jocelyn Pembleton, Copy Editor

The day of chocolate candies, heart-shaped boxes, and red roses is upon us once again. 

On one side of the spectrum, people will have a wonderful day on Feb. 14, full of happy experiences with their loved ones, but the other side is another story. Some people dread the idea of Valentine’s day. This could be for many reasons such as past bad experiences, being single, or not receiving the gifts that you were expecting.

Southeast of Saline students had much to say about the topic of Valentine’s Day and if it is a holiday worth celebrating. 


Students who love the holiday:

Addison Worley: “I like Valentine’s Day because I get the chance to spend the day with someone.”

Talya Mason: “Valentine’s Day is a really fun day, and I usually just use it as a day to celebrate with my friend.”

Taygan Daisy: “I love Valentine’s Day because of all of the chocolate.”

Meaghan Roths: “I like it because I get chocolate.”

April Winters: “I like hanging out with my friends on Valentine’s Day.”

Carter Smith: “It is especially great when you’re single and you get to see all of the happy couples together. I am looking forward to watching Netflix with my cat and eating a tub of ice cream, trying not to cry.


Students who were on the fence about Valentine’s Day:

Kennedy Gottschalk: “I like Valentine’s Day because I like the idea of it. I like spending time together and buying chocolate for each other, but at the same time, I don’t like it because it can be annoying sometimes because of all of the decorations.”

Anya Pohl: “I like Valentine’s Day because I like the chocolate and the gifts I get from my family. I also don’t like it at the same time because I am single and it makes me lonely.”

Drew Hanson: “I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. I think I have been alone on almost every Valentine’s Day, but at the same time, it is nostalgic because of the fun we had in elementary school.

Jailynn Hammel: “Valentine’s Day just serves as a reminder that I am single, but I do like it because I can spread love and joy around and radiate positivity.”


Students who hate the holiday:

Thea Holland: “I don’t like Valentine’s Day because I do not have anyone to spend it with.”

Cade Cooper: “I hate Valentine’s Day because every year I am expecting to have a girlfriend and I never do.”

Shelby Kuhn: “I think that it is overrated and just for couples. It is kind of a waste because you end up spending a lot of money that you don’t have room to spend.”

Ryin Engle: “I hate that it is just for couples.”

Rayvanna Garcia: “From my experience, I see that a lot of women don’t get their boyfriends gifts or they don’t put as much thought into it. They also often don’t spend as much money and I feel like it is more of a women’s holiday than a relationship holiday.

Hannah Trimble: “I don’t necessarily like it because it is pretty much just for advertisements and companies.”

Christ Pineda: “I don’t like Valentine’s Day, and I am always single.”

Damion Jackson: “I hate it because I am single and it makes me sad.”