SES students stay busy

Breanna Standley, Photo-Editor

With all of the time being spent at home quarantining, SES students are discovering new hobbies and revisiting old ones. While trying to keep busy, most students are finding out that they are actually quite talented at things they had never done before.

“I find that I’m pretty talented in making different baked goods out of cake mix,” says Rebecca Kuhn. Kuhn is also revisiting some of her old hobbies like painting and doodling.

Jailynn Hammel has been entertaining herself by cooking new things like a gluten-free pumpkin pie. She’s also been spending more time playing the piano.

“I’ve gotten so much better and spend lots more time playing. My favorite thing to play is ‘Hello’ by Evanescence,” Hammel says.

Amber Beaumont has been helping build a fence to keep her busy and said that she’s been getting back to drawing more. 

To keep from being bored, Lindsey Dean has been going on lots of long walks with her dog. 

“Our longest walk has been 11 miles,” Dean says. 

She’s also been getting back into reading. 

“I just finished ‘Live’ by Sadie Robertson. So good!”

Katie Meares has also been walking her dogs, but she’s also been riding her bike and painting to keep busy.

Emily Woodall has had more time to enjoy painting and reading in the abundance of free time students have had lately.

Instead of finding new hobbies to entertain himself, Noah Patry has been working a full-time job.

Luke Van Tassel walks. 

“I’ve picked up the hobby of aimlessly walking outside,” he said.

Katie Moddelmog has learned how to embroider in her time at home, and she and her sister have been building a treehouse as well.

Dominic Jackson has been playing phone games to keep from being bored. “I’ve also been playing Xbox late at night and running,” Jackson said .

“I have really enjoyed having more time to be creative and to walk my dogs!!” says Alaina Yianakopulos. 

Rachel Hubele has enjoyed having more time to work with her show sheep and to practice her photography skills.

Ellie Grauerholz has been putting her sewing talents to good use during this pandemic. “I learned how to make three different mask patterns. I like to sew, so I have been sewing lots of masks for people.”

A few  junior high students have also been keeping busy with new hobbies.

“I garden now, and I also have more time to ride my bike,” said Landon Albrecht.

Clayton Shelby said that his family has welcomed in two new puppies and has also been spending time working with cows.

Despite being stuck in quarantine, SES students coming up with many ways to stay busy.