COVID Creates Cautionary Procedures for Southeast of Saline


Kennedy Gottschalk, Feature Editor

As the 2020-2021 school year began for Southeast of Saline students, the safety procedures to combat COVID-19 started to take hold. Southeast’s main priority this year is to keep students safe and in school. The SES administration has made preparations for online school, like having the same four classes for a week at a time, to make it easier to transition if the need arises. New procedures for every grade have been enforced since day one, including wearing masks for the entire day.

“I’m honestly fine with wearing masks, at first they bothered me but they’ve sort of grown on me. Half the time I forget I’m wearing one,” sophomore Ava Mayginnes said. “My only complaint with masks is after a long time my ears will start hurting, but that’s only after having to wear it for the entire day.” 

Before entering the school each day, students are required to get their temperature taken by t

he staff members on duty. This is a precaution for everyone in the building and identifies anyone that has a possibility of carrying the illness.

“I think that having our temperature taken in the morning is a good precaution

and it doesn’t hurt to be careful,” senior Taylor McQuillan said.

To prevent spreading germs while students take off their masks to eat, Southeast has invested in plexiglass dividers for every table. Each table sits four students, and assigned seats make it easier for teachers to keep track of students and where they sit everyday.

“The dividers at lunch are annoying, but I understand why we have them,” McQuillan said. 

Southeast has also stopped students from using the lockers and has stopped seniors from using the senior lounge. This decreases the amount of time 

people spend grouped together.

“Not having lockers or a lounge is kinda annoying. Not going to lie, I wanted a big locker and to be able to sit around before school in the lounge, but if this is the price we need to pay to stay in school, I’m not complaining,” senior Luisa Ortega said. 

Clubs are continuing to meet during the seminar hour, but the meetings are now online through Zoom or Google Meets. Southeast of Saline students have had mixed feelings about this new arrangement.

“I think that having club meetings on zoom is rather sad. I love being involved and going to in person meetings where I can see everyone face to face,” Mayginnes said.

Although there are many changes throughout the school, students are making the best of the year and looking at the good rather than the bad. Students have adapted to the new rules and regulations, and are quickly learning ways to keep themselves and others safe. Southeast is continuing to find new precautions that would keep them from resorting to online learning, and are making improvements as the year continues. 

“This year is definitely weird and not the best, but it beats not having a year at all,” Ortega said.