Southeast Welcomes New Staff

Southeast Welcomes New Staff

Bryanna Fowler, Layout Editor


This year at Southeast of Saline we have a total of four new high school staff members: Brady Keith; Elane Stein; Neal Zouzas; and Dylan Goodell. 

Mrs. Stein grew up in Salina, Kansas, and currently teaches Physical Science and Chemistry. Prior to teaching at SES, Stein taught math at South Middle School.

“Southeast is a great school,” Stein said. “The kids are fun and have a great attitude. The teachers are wonderful and you can certainly feel the family atmosphere.”

Mrs. Stein enjoys being outside, fishing, hiking, and skiing. She frequently takes trips and little outings with her family. Her three kids keep her busy with all of the activities they are involved in.

“SES is a great community and I’m happy to be a part of it,” Stein said.

Mr. Keith, before coming to Southeast of Saline, taught at Bennington High School for two years. He currently teaches Sophomore English and Publications at SES. Switching schools didn’t seem that hard for Mr. Keith, since both schools possess a “family” type of atmosphere, which Keith values.

“This is an incredible school from top to bottom, but the main thing that I have come to appreciate in my short time here is the culture. It is very apparent that both the faculty and students at Southeast do a wonderful job of supporting each other,” Keith said. 

Mr. Keith and his wife, Lindsey, both attended Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, and currently live a few miles north of Smolan with their two dogs, Gunner and Koda. 

“My wife likes to kid me about how many hobbies I have because I am interested in a lot of different things, but to narrow it down, I am interested in music, hunting, mechanical work, and literature.”

Mr. Zouzas was previously a counselor at Sacred Heart High school. He is now the social/emotional counselor for Southeast of Saline. 

“I like SES very much. The students and staff are very nice and easy to connect with,” Zouzas said. 

Mr. Zouzas has several hobbies and interests, one of them includes beekeeping.

“I am a beekeeper with seven hives this year and that changes from year to year. I enjoy reading when I have the time, and we have a wood burner so collecting firewood is always something that keeps me busy in the winter,” Zouzas said

Mr. Zouzas also enjoys swimming and playing handball at the YMCA, but above all, he likes working with people and especially young adults.

This is Mr. Goodell’s first time teaching freshman history. He is a recent graduate from Kansas State University.

“I went to Smoky Valley which is very similar to Southeast, which has made a great transition and a great first teaching job…I’m really enjoying my time here,” Goodell said.

Mr. Goodell likes to pass the time by watching any kind of sport on TV or hunting.

“I’m a huge Broncos and K-State fan, and any time I can be in the woods hunting or fishing makes for a great day,” Goodell said.

Southeast is thrilled to have such amazing new staff members, and we wish you all the best here at Southeast of Saline.