There is a new game “Among Us”

There is a new game Among Us

Kennedy Gottschalk, Feature Editor

A new game has taken over teens phones all over the world, and has caused more trust issues than ever. “Among Us” is a murder mystery game that encourages team work and investigation to uncover the identity of the imposter among a group of players. Both kids and adults have found themselves addicted to this detective game play, and social media has made the game a huge success with popular influencers streaming games live.

When the game first begins, each player is assigned to be either a crewmate or the imposter. The words “There is an imposter among us” flash across the screen as the game loads. The crewmates’ jobs are to finish their tasks to fix the broken spaceship, which is the setting of the game. The imposter’s job is to blend in with the crewmates and to eliminate them one by one without getting caught by the others. The imposter’s job is also to sabotage the crew and stop them from fixing the ship. Players are able to call meetings and discuss in real time about who they think the imposter is. 

The imposter has to convince the crewmates to think that they are innocent, or suffer the consequence of getting voted out. If the crewmates find the imposter before it’s too late or if they complete all their tasks, they win the game. If the imposter is able to eliminate each player without any suspicion, the crewmates get defeated. 

Southeast of Saline students choose to spend their free time by playing “Among Us” with their friends, and have shared their opinions on this new gaming trend. 

“I think the game has gotten so popular because you can play with all of your friends,” said junior Lydia Friesen.

There are many features that make this game so popular, like choosing character colors and being able to join games with other people.

“My favorite thing about the game is that you get to play with multiple people,” said junior Erica Francis. 

Players are chosen at random whether they are an imposter or a crewmate, and each role gives the players an entertaining objective to complete. 

“I prefer the imposter because I like the thrill of it and I think it’s very entertaining,” said freshman Addison Gottschalk.