StuCo sets the stage with costume contest on Friday


Korey Kogler, News Editor

Halloween is full of sugar rushes and great scares, but probably the most fun part of Halloween is dressing up. Pulling out those fun costumes based on memes and trends is always a popular thing to do every Halloween. This year at SES StuCo is planning on bringing the Halloween School Spirit into the high school this Friday (Oct. 30th), by allowing students to dress up in their favorite Halloween costume.  

“I know we wanted to dress up for Halloween in the past but we couldn’t because of the masks and because we’re already wearing masks this year, they (the school administration) let us do it this time,” StuCo President Luisa Ortega said.

With masks already being required in the building, StuCo thought it would be easy for students to participate this year, without breaking any face-covering rules; but students will need to leave full face masks at home, as those are not allowed. Any real or fake blood or weapons will also have to stay home to allow for this event to happen. Those rules are all in place to keep students as safe and comfortable as possible, while still allowing some Halloween spirit. 

Students, who participate, will get the chance to win prizes for some of the best costumes. 

“They (students and teachers) will win prizes for dressing up, most likely a bag of candy, and students will vote on teachers’ best costume, so teachers will also participate,” Ortega said. 

Not only do students get to participate and get in the Halloween spirit, but teachers will also get the chance to dress up. Students will get to cast their vote for the teacher that dressed up in the best costume. So all the students and teachers will want to participate to get a chance of some candy.

By hosting this event day, StuCo is really hoping to get students into the school spirit and excited about Halloween, especially with a decrease in trick or treating this year. 

“I hope students get excited for Halloween in general after this event. Hopefully, students will like getting into school spirit by dressing up on Friday,” Ortega mentioned. 

Even with it being Halloween week, many students have still not decided what they are wanting to dress up for Halloween, Ortega has some ideas, but has not decided on a costume for sure. Ortega is not alone, many other students are in the same situation. However, some students don’t plan on dressing up. 

“I’m going to dress up either a fairy or something else. I don’t know yet but yeah I’m excited for Friday and Halloween,” Ortega exclaimed.

“I don’t plan on dressing up,” states Haylei Inks, junior.

Ortega also said she hopes in future years this could become a Halloween tradition in the High school, but that will ultimately depend on the future Student Council groups. Overall many students are looking forward to this event and hope that there will be a lot of participation.