Weis’ business crew brings SES Brew


Carter Smith, Copy Editor

Rumors of a café opening in the secondary library brought excitement to the SES students. Walking into the library on Monday, January 11th, a line of students and staff filled the room. As quickly as students were served, more kept coming. Mrs. Weis, with the help of her students, kept up with orders while many enjoyed their first sip of SES Brew. With all their customers, it didn’t take long for the café to start selling out of their brews.

“We were surprised at the amount of people that came and a little understaffed. My job was pouring drinks and it was an overall fun experience.”- Lindsey Dean

Walking by the café throughout the day, students could see as more and more drinks sold out.

The idea of SES Brew came from Roger Stumpf. Stumpf explained that “Last year I was part of a group that explored innovative schools and school improvement called ‘Leadership for Tomorrow.’ We toured about a dozen schools all across the state and held training sessions about ways in which we can lead change within our own districts. Student led businesses were located in several of these schools and coffee shops were the most common. Once the idea was planted it was just a matter of finding someplace suitable to house it, and someone willing to sponsor it.”

Stumpf is hopeful that students will not only enjoy the new service but that it will provide a great learning experience for the business department.

After generating the idea, it was carried on by Mary Weis with the MENU help of Diane Reece and Shauna Henry. After some brainstorming the idea was complete and it quickly came to fruition. Weis bought the supplies and the café was open for business.

The café is open from 7:55 – 8:14 am & passing periods 1 & 3 / 2 & 4 / seminar passing. Students in Mrs. Weis’ business courses will work at the Brew, learning the importance of money management and customer service skills which will help prepare them for future employment in our community. Menu includes hot brews (coffee, hot chocolate, & cappuccinos) for $1 and cold brews (cappuccinos & iced coffee with a variety of flavors) for $2. In less than a week, new flavors have already been added to the Cold Brew Menu. Oreo & Caramel Macchiato are now available and are exactly what your taste buds need.