SES students share thoughts on storming of Capitol


Becca Kuhn

On January 6th, America was thrown into what seemed like a scene from the dystopian future film, The Hunger Games. As “big news” broadcasters such as CNN, ABC, and Fox News covered rioters breaking into the Capitol, we witnessed looters running from the scene carrying laptops along with other important government property with them. Also captured in the broadcast was a scene where the American flag was torn down and replaced by the blue Trump 2020 flag. Some said the protesters stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C. to show their opposition to recent election procedures, but it is also important to note that there were large groups of peaceful protesters present at the capitol that day. These various protesters’ actions have evoked many reactions, especially within the Southeast of Saline community. Opinions around the halls of Southeast of Saline vary, but they all share a central theme: Peaceful protesting is encouraged, but rioting and entering the Capitol is too far. 

Junior Ben Monday believes, “It’s within their rights to protest outside of the Capitol peacefully. But when they broke into the Capitol, a federal building, that was wrong. They should not have defaced property or have become violent.” 

Sophomore Jase VanAmburg has similar beliefs, and also believes that the peaceful protests were justified, not the storming of the Capitol. VanAmburg believed the storming “was an atrocity and unamerican, but it was a lot more peaceful than the previous months of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) riots that were going on. However, I don’t support what happened.” VanAmburg went on to include that the recent riot, “was a more peaceful way to say what they wanted to say. A lot of people there were not trying to break into the Capitol.” 

Senior Drew Hanson believes that the Capitol riots were less justified than past BLM riots, because they differed in causes. “I think this is a bad thing opposed to things like the BLM riots because the BLM riots were justified. They were going against the status quo, that was too violent against certain people.” Hanson said. Hanson continues to say that the most recent Capitol riots are unacceptable because, “These people weren’t working for something more peaceful, but rather to make the government more violent. That’s why I am personally against the recent riots at the Capitol.” Hanson said. 

Senior Becca Glahn added on that, “The storming of the capital was unnecessary and uncalled for, and it was handled very poorly. It felt like there was no reason behind the storming and it did more harm than good. It put a lot of stress on our nation in a time like this.” 

Although opinions of the student body vary, a central theme has seemed to emerge. Many students are upset about the events that occurred at the Capitol. But with this sense of unrest within our nation, it is reassuring to see that students within our community are still one unified student body. An idea, I hope, can become the same for our nation.