Spring sports are finally here


Austin Hanson, Reporter

As the grass grows back and nature is reborn, we look forward towards another beautiful month of March. Along with springtime, something else re-emerges. Spring sports are finally back, and with track, softball baseball, golf, and trap shooting all looking forward to great new seasons. Many students are hopeful for normal practices, meets, and games. With COVID slowly but surely slowing down, we come closer and closer to once again experiencing that. Along with the relatively normal seasons ahead of us, we also have a lot of hope and promise, with each team showing a lot of strengths for this season. 

The first team with a lot of prospects is track, as we currently have a very strong long distance team in both girls and boys races. The majority of cross country runners, including runners like Dylan Sprecker, Luke Gleason, Nakari Morrical, Jentri Alderson, and Ashley Prochazka are all going out for track. Along with this, many seniors show a lot of talent in their respective events. Senior Eddie McVay was actually a state qualifier during his sophomore year, and will surely see another great season once more.  Junior Chase Poague and senior Kanin Elkins have shown they can hold their own as well, with Chase in hurdles, and Kanin in the 400. A group of skilled seniors and promising runners will surely lead to a great season.

The baseball team will also be full of well-experienced, talented seniors, which is likely to result in success this year. Seniors Bryant Banks, Eli Harris, and Jaxon Gebhardt will hopefully lead the team to a successful and triumphant season. Most of the team is well prepared for this season, as despite the loss of a sufficient school season last year, many of the players were able to still play throughout the summer, or at the very least, occasionally practice when they got the chance. When asked about the season, Eli stated he expects to win league and make a run at sub-state this year.

As for the softball team,  the team will sport a large influx of talented freshmen who have played together for quite some time. This means that the upcoming team will be very compatible with both their teammates and coaches. This, and the group of experienced seniors on the team, will hopefully lead to a great experience and season for the group.

Although relatively small, golf will be starting back up once again. Golf has recently seen a loss of players, being either very small or entirely non-existent for several years, but with wrestling coach Schremmer sponsoring and coaching the sport, a new group of players has emerged. Roughly ten new players will play this season under Schremmer. 

Overall, this is an exciting time for spring sports at Southeast of Saline. After the loss of a season for last year, players and coaches alike have been eager to finally get back to playing. Hopefully, the effects of COVID will not drastically change the season as it did last spring. We wish the best of luck to everyone this spring.