Students honored with Trojan Choice Awards


Drew Hanson, Lead Editor

The Trojan Choice Award is a longstanding tradition at SES, in which each teacher selects a student recipient from their classes. The purpose of the award is “to promote good citizenship and qualities of character which are known to foster success in adult lives.”

Characteristics teachers look for when choosing  award winners are displaying a good work ethic, displaying a cooperative personality with adults and peers, and teamwork. 

“I feel honored and grateful to accomplish this award. My older sisters got the award when they were in high school and it feels great to do the same. Mr. Krehbiel is a great teacher and a great man. He cares for all his students and he takes the time out of his day to make sure you understand the project you’re doing in his class. Mr. Krehbiel teaches you life lessons in his class and will get you ready for life when it hits. He builds champions in life,” said senior award recipient Sterling Harp. 

Chosen students were honored with a breakfast banquet, which will be carried out normally, contrary to last year’s awards where teachers had to make a short video presentation for a virtual awards ceremony. 


Below is the full list of students chosen by their respective teachers. The Trojournal also has a photo gallery with individual winners and comments from teachers. 

Teacher Name           First Choice

Terry Anderson Erica Francis

Todd R Baird          Kylar Dewhirst

Keri Boley                Amber Beaumont

Trenton Douglas    Kayleb Qualls

Scott Emme             Jake Gebhardt

Mitch Gebhardt      Trever Keller

Dylan Goodell         Nakari Morrical-Palmer

Sean Keasling         Hannah Blevins

Brady Keith             Trinity Robb

Kurt Krehbiel          Sterling Harp

Kinsy McVay           Nathan Barr

Brooke Petty            Kyson Weidman

Chance Ptacek         Ben Grauerholz

Pesha Ptacek            Dawson Adams

Dawn Rohrer            Jozlyn Jones

Bob Sauber                Ben Monday

Stephanie Schell      Keenan Johnson

Brad Settle                 Dylan Sprecker

Elane Stein                Jeremiah Easley

Tammy Streit           Joni Schroeder

Mary Weis               Londyn Detlefson

Susan Wilson           Korey Kogler