Advisory: Rad or Bad

Abby Commerford, Reporter

Advisory is a new addition to the 2021-2022 school year at Southeast of Saline (SES). Some people have had a strong opinion about it because they want to have seminar every day.

Mr. Emme thinks that advisory is a good thing. He believes that it is helping improve better bonds and relationships within the student body. “Advisory is helpful to students when done properly,” said Mr. Emme. 

  Advisory is proven to help students do better in school, sports, and improve their friendships. It also helps people become more comfortable with their feelings at school, with their friends, and teachers. 

Freshman, Cali Augustine said, “We could be using our time to get other things done for classes instead of advisory.” 

Junior, Savannah Sutton thinks that advisory is pretty relaxed and everyone feels comfortable talking about everything they need to. Savannah said, “I would prefer it being once a week so I could have more time to do homework before my practices.” 

Mrs. Wilson thinks that advisory will be helpful to students in the long run. It will help students treat their classmates better, and make new friends. Mrs. Wilson thinks that she eventually will like advisory. “I believe that with any kind of change, it is hard for people to get used to.”

Junior, Brenna Felzien, also added that she likes advisory now, but at first, it was hard for her to give up her homework time. “I like getting to know my classmates better and having a set time to do my work on Xello and my future plans,” said Brenna. 

Sophomore, Sadie Franklin thinks that advisory has many good things, but it also has some downsides. She has all of her core classes on advisory days, so she can’t get her work done before she gets home because there is no Trojan Time. “A suggestion I have is that next semester we switch the days we have advisory to help others like me to get work done during the day,” stated Sadie.

Senior, Jonie Schroeder, believes advisory is good and bad. She thinks that it should only be once a week. “I also like advisory because we get to bond with our class and since I was new last year it helps me get to know my class better.”

The reviews are mixed, but in the future, more students might like it, and it will become a regular part of our school routine.