Student Council Foreshadows an Exciting School Year

Reagan Goetz, Reporter

The Student Council (Stuco) plays a big part in the events taking place at Southeast of Saline. There are many upcoming events throughout the year that every student can be a part of. You may be wondering, “What are some of those events?” According to the Stuco President, Karsyn Schlesener, some of the upcoming events include: ‘The homecoming dance: The Color Jam, homecoming hallways, spirit week, the homecoming bonfire, football tailgates, and so much more in October.’ 

There is also some extra information about each of these events. The homecoming dance theme is The Color Jam. The game theme will be white out and when you get to the dance you will have the option to have colored powder thrown at you. If you choose to have colored powder thrown at you make sure you wear appropriate clothes. The homecoming hallway themes have been announced. The hallway themes are different decades. The freshman hallway theme is the year 2020, the sophomore hallway theme is the 1490’s, the junior hallway theme is the 1950’s, and the senior hallway theme is the 1970’s. The Stuco has also announced the homecoming spirit week themes. Monday is jersey day, Tuesday is flannels and animals, Wednesday is beige out, Thursday is #twinning, and Friday is Trojan gear. Make sure to show your school spirit and participate in spirit week. The Student Council looks forward to seeing all of your creative outfits. 

Stuco is also hosting a homecoming bonfire on Thursday, September 23rd from 6:30-9:00 pm. Students will meet in the northeast corner of the school parking lot. The next day is homecoming, starting with the football game vs Russel and ending the evening with the dance, which will be immediately after the game. Something new that Stuco is doing this year is a tailgate for the student body at the football games. There will be more information to come in the following weeks. 

Several students have been wondering about the student wifi. That is the big question many people want answered. “At the moment Stuco is coming up with a plan for a student wifi network. We have many obstacles to face, but we are optimistic. With the school year just starting, the IT department is swamped with many tasks- so at the moment, we are figuring out the best way to approach the matter. With that being said, we cannot completely promise our students a wifi network…but if anyone can do it, it’s the Student Council,” said Schlesener.

The Stuco is excited about the events they have planned for this year. Stuco Vice President Lindsey Dean said, “This year, I am most looking forward to our holiday-themed activities in December.  Stuco has some fresh ideas that will hopefully become traditions in years to come.”  

Stuco is also planning to have a suggestion box that will be located in the library. If you have ideas/suggestions, you can write them down on a piece of paper and put them in the box. According to Schlesener, “Stuco’s main goal this year is to listen to the students! We want to hear what you guys want to see at Southeast! If you have any questions or ideas talk to your class/club representatives or Lindsey and I!” 

This is a lot of information that many people may not have known. You may be wondering how to stay informed about new and upcoming events. Schlesener said, “Follow the Stuco social media pages! Our instagram handle is @southeast.stuco and our twitter handle is @SESHSStuco.” Be sure to follow the social media pages so you can stay informed and participate in all upcoming Stuco events.