Lunch Room Buzz

Lunch Room Buzz

Abby Commerford, Reporter

Lunch is an important time of the day. Students get to eat, talk to their friends, and have some downtime before class begins again. Lunchroom food can be some people’s favorite thing and not others.

Many people were on the fence about school food. Some students liked most of the food but also said some of it wasn’t their favorite.

Most student’s favorite lunch is SES famous chili. Students said, “It tastes fresh and is filling.” 90% of student’s least favorite meal is the bierocks. “I don’t like the cabbage in it,” said Freshman, Tate Nurnberg. Another food students don’t like is the chicken nuggets and the beef patties because they taste fake, and they don’t keep you full for practice after school.

Breakfast was a new addition to the school last year. Junior, Eli Sawyers said he likes having it because “It’s bulking season.” Many people like having breakfast because “I like it to be an option especially for the kids who don’t eat at home,” stated Sophomore, Sherida Johnson. Other students also like it because it keeps them full until lunchtime.

Some of the student’s favorite foods aren’t on the menu here at school. Freshman, Isaiah Sanchez would add sub sandwiches to the menu because “They are tasty.” Freshman, Owen Gleason would add more desserts to the menu as well. 

Covid has changed our school lunches in many different ways. Our food is more packaged and bagged than it was before. Many students liked the lunches before covid better because you could get more servings to keep you full until practice time. “All the plastic bags are bad for the environment too,” said Senior Aubrey Givens.

Covid has also not allowed the students to walk the upper gym track anymore. It’s about split in half for the people who wish we did and the ones who don’t. Walking the track gave them more time to talk to other people besides their lunch table, but with contact tracing, it’s hard to do that. 

The amount of time we have to eat our lunch is 25 minutes. Junior Linsey Dean thinks that we do have enough time to eat our lunch, but the lines have been long lately. Sophomore, Reagan Gooden believes that we don’t have enough time to eat. Also, Sophomore Isabella Christensen thinks that “10-15 more minutes wouldn’t hurt.”

Overall there are many mixed reviews on our lunches. But the cooks work hard to make us food to eat every day.