Where will you be in 10 years?

Where will you be in 10 years?

Allison Moddelmog and Ali Richardson, Reporter

As the incoming freshmen start their journey through high school, they are starting to think about their futures and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. There are many opportunities such as different colleges to attend, jobs to attain, and dreams to accomplish. 

Joining the workforce or going to college is the next step most of them will take after graduating high school. The majority of Southeast of Saline (SES) students either see themselves going to Kansas University (KU) or Kansas State University (K-State). 

When asked about what college she wants to attend after high school, Raylee Humphrey said, “I’d like to go to KU. My sister goes there right now, and I just think the atmosphere is really cool.”

A big opportunity that the freshmen will have if they go to college is to play sports. Macy Bunch said, “I want to play volleyball in college because it is my favorite sport and I started playing with a new club volleyball team that will get me more prepared for playing in college and that whole experience.”

Another option that some of the freshmen will have after high school is to join the workforce or the military. Evan Watkins is interested in joining the Army after high school. “There are lots of opportunities that joining the military will give me, so I want to take advantage of them,” said Evan. 

After college, the freshmen will have many choices to make, such as where they want to live, what job they want to obtain, and if they want to get married or have kids. 

Since they were kids in elementary school, their plans for their futures have changed drastically, but as for now, the freshmen have lots of hopes and dreams for their futures. When Cole Gilpin was little, he wanted to be a zookeeper. Now he dreams of eventually owning his own veterinary practice. 

Katie Stephenson wants to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. “I love working with kids and helping people, so that job applies to both!” said Katie. 

Getting married and having kids is something that many teens look forward to doing when they get older.

Macy Bunch is very excited to become a mother. “I just want to be a very involved parent. Not really a soccer mom, but I want to be around for all of their activities and things that they do,” she said. 

Although the freshman have many years to think about these things, and these may not be their exact futures, it is the goals and plans that come along the way that will shape their futures and who they aspire to be.