Have it your way.


Abby Commerford and Macy Bunch, Reporters

Eating the same foods consistently can get boring sometimes. Creating your own food combinations lets people get creative and try something new. These mash-ups can be a hit or miss, but you never know until you try them.

Some examples of popular food combinations that could be considered strange are chocolate and avocado, ice cream and fries, coke and chicken, and cheese and apple pie. 

Senior, Morgan Trocheck, said a food combination she likes is mac and cheese with mustard. In addition, junior Chase Gilpin said she enjoys cheeseburgers dipped in ranch, but she doesn’t enjoy celery and peanut butter. With a more popular and common combo, sophomore Austin Hanson likes Wendy’s frosty’s and fries. We asked students what they thought about some food combinations that are popular, and if they would be open to trying them. 53% of students said that they would try peanut butter and Cheez-Its, while 46% reported they wouldn’t. Another combination that could be considered both popular and strange is watermelon with salt. The verdict on this choice was an even tie: 50% of students reported being open to this, while the other 50% reported that they would not try this.

A very popular drink combination seen on social media is Coca-Cola and peanuts. 61% of students said they would be open to testing this combination,  and 38% of students said they would pass on Coke and peanuts. 

There are so many food combinations out there for you to try. You can always make new ones because you never know what you can put together. You may not always like them, but it’s worth a shot to try.