SES Powerpuff

Drake Augustine and Kayson Lilley

This fall, SES hosted a Powderpuff football game. Powderpuff is better known as flag football for girls. Each team consisted of around 10-15 girls for each grade level; Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. They hit the field on November 6th, 2021, where the Sophomores took on the Seniors, and then the Juniors took on the Freshman. Each game consisted of two, 10 minutes halves with a running clock. 

In the first contest between the Seniors and the Sophomores, the Sophomores, led by QB Maddie Harris, came out on top 21-7, which punched their ticket to the championship. Afterward, the Juniors took on the Freshman, where the Juniors beat them 7-0 and locked up their spot in the championship. Before the grand finale, the 3rd place game between the Freshman and the Seniors took place. The seniors came out with the victory, after a display of speed from Olivia Peters. 

Then the championship game took place between the Sophomores and the Juniors. The game was a dog fight throughout the entirety of the competition. The Juniors narrowed out the victory over the sophomores in a multiple overtime showdown. The game actually came out in a tie, but since the Juniors were closer to punching the ball in the endzone they were crowned as the champion of the Powder Puff Football Tournament.