New Year New You


Abby Commerford and Macy Bunch, Reporters

A new year is synonymous with a fresh start. Everyone has some good and bad memories from last year, but welcoming 2022 is a way to restart and reflect on the past year. 

Memories from last year are fun to look back on; especially all the good things that happened. Freshman Landon Albrecht’s favorite memory from 2021 was a vacation to St. Louis. Senior Aubrey Givens favorite memory was her CCBC Fall Retreat. Sophomore Raegan Gooden’s favorite memory was going to Colorado with her family and best friends. 

A school-related memory is something that many students will never forget. Landon Albrecht’s favorite Fall 2021 memory is having a successful football season while Freshman, Ben Heinrich fondly recalls going out to Applebee’s with the cross country team. 

When asked what three  words to describe last year, Sophomore Ben Grauerholz said, “ Run, Work, Rest.” Aubrey Givens said, “Stressful, Isolated, and Ordinary”, and Landon Albrecht said, “ Vaccine, Recovery, and Expensive.”

When asked what students did last year, and what they are hoping to do again in 2022, Reagan Gooden said that she wants to be in the school musicals again. As for Ben Heinrich, he said that he hopes to have a successful basketball season again. 

Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions usually involve eating healthy or working out more. Aubrey Givens’ resolution is to try to paint and read more because she wants to diversify her hobbies. Other students are looking forward to working out more and focusing on themselves.

In 2022 I think everyone is looking forward to a more calm, and relaxed year without Covid. Even with challenges, I believe we all can get through it and have a successful year as long as we keep a positive mindset.