Spring Break, Memories to Make

Abby Commerford and Macy Bunch, Reporters

Spring break gives students a short glimpse at summer vacation. Some people just stay home for spring break, but others go on vacation. Southeast of Saline students have spring break from March 14th- 18th, and they have some exciting plans. 

Students at SES that are in the Music Department have the opportunity to sign up and go to Florida over spring break. They are planning on going to Disney World and Universal Studios to learn new things and have some fun. Sophomore Brookelyn Adams is going along with Senior Aubrey Givens, Freshman Alec Sawyers, Sophomore Austin Hanson, Junior Kyler Boley, and many other students in the music department. 

Other students are also going out of state, but still staying close to Kansas. Junior Lindsey Dean is going to Omaha, Nebraska with her Youth Group. Freshman, Allison Moddelmog is also planning on going out of state to Colorado to visit her sister at college.

Spring break always isn’t about going out of state. Freshman, Trey Droge is planning on spending his spring break working out and building new things.

Spring break vacations can create new memories that students can always reflect upon. Lindsey Dean’s favorite spring break memory was going to Cancun with her family a couple of years ago. Brooklyn Adams’ favorite memory was going skiing with her family. Kyler Boley always remembers going to Mexico with her church to help people in need.

Students now are looking forward to the future regarding their ideal spring break plans. . Austin Hanson and Allison Moddelmog want to go somewhere in Europe. Along with Alec Sawyers wanting to go to Turk’s and Caicos. Sophomore, Oliva Neff wants to go somewhere warm and tropical like Florida or Hawaii.

Every family has its own traditions, but Kyler Boley’s family always used to go to Branson, Missouri every year. Currently, they go to Mexico with their church on a mission trip. Allison Moddelmogs family also goes with the trio to Mexico to help build houses for families in need.

Spring Break is something everyone looks forward to in the year. Students always make new memories no matter where they go or what they do. What is your dream Spring Break vacation?