End of the Year Poem

End of the Year Poem


We go to school at SES 

We all think it is the best

Watch us learning everyday 

“Our school’s the greatest!” we all say



Our teachers make us very stressed

Putting our learning skills to the test

They challenge us all the time

Allowing our academic skills to climb



Mr. Krehbiel teaches art all day

Making work feel more like play

Band and Vocal are also a pleasure

Smiling and laughing with each measure



In addition to our learning and fine arts success

Our sports teams are exceptional, we confess

With Dylan and Jentrie leading the pack, 

We beat every other team around the track



Our basketball teams were outstanding as well

With two state appearances making our seasons swell

Eli and Nakari dunking all day

“WE MADE IT TO STATE!” all of us say



Football also came out and competed

Advancing all the way to the semi-finals undefeated

The Gebhardt twins led the squad

Making our team nearly unflawed



With “Don’t get caught” as the team phrase

The baseball team set the scoreboard ablaze

The softball season was strong as well

Making Coach Ptacek happily scream and yell



In addition to sports, we have cool clubs too

FFA, FCCLA, and Science Club, to name a few

Karsyn led the STUCO squad this year

Kicking our leadership skills into gear



The lunch ladies should also be appreciated

Because of all the good food they have created

We also have some cool custodians too

They always find a way to come through



Although this poem may have been boring

We sure hope you are not snoring

What we are trying to say

Is that SES is the best at the end of the day