Tricking People into Treating Themselves to Fentanyl


Rainbow fentanyl pills.

Hannah Blevins and Haley Thiel

In August of 2022, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) released a warning against the dangerous rise of colorful fentanyl pills. These pills strongly resemble candy, coming in a plethora of different colors. This deadly drug has been found in at least 21 states, and its deceptive appearance causes many people to underestimate its lethal capabilities. Rainbow fentanyl is speculated to be a new method used by drug cartels in order to appeal to and target a younger audience.

Fentanyl is a dangerous, synthetic opioid substance, often combined with heroin to increase the drug’s potency. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, making it one of the most dangerous drugs circulating in the United States (Balfour). Originally, fentanyl was used in minuscule amounts for pharmaceutical reasons. According to the CDC, 66% of drug overdose deaths last year were due to overdoses of synthetic opioids, like fentanyl (DEA). The E&C states that out of 108,000 people that died from drug overdoses in the US in 2021, 71,000 of those were due to fentanyl overdoses. On top of that, 77% of teen overdoses in 2021 were due to fentanyl.

Rainbow fentanyl is specifically designed to seem unassuming to the untrained eye. The colorfulness of this drug makes it more appealing to youth, and many experts are concerned that this eye-catching drug will lead to more kids and young adults being lured into addiction. When purchasing the pills, it is impossible to determine the amount of fentanyl inside without scientific testing (DEA). This means that just taking one pill could be potentially lethal. This raises the question of the real dangers of fentanyl pills.

Why is it important to be concerned about these deadly pills? It’s crucial to be aware of what concerns the safety of the younger generation, especially when the issue is mainly targeted toward them. Monitoring where candy comes from and steering clear of suspicious individuals is crucial to the safety of the individuals in younger generations. Being cautious this season is especially important when preventing the dangerous effects of drugs, like those of rainbow fentanyl.