Christmas Traditions around the US

Kiki Riedel, Photographer/Author

Christmas Traditions around the US

From household to household, different traditions will arise around the holiday season. Cutting down a fresh tree every year to put in your house or making cookies with family and friends may be common celebrations for many households in the area. Some are extravagant and out of mind so keep reading if you want to learn about more traditions. 

In California, they have a surfing Santa. This is not like the regular Santa that most people in the midwest would think about. A surfing Santa shows up by riding a surfboard. You’ll see him wearing sunglasses because in California it is not snowing and they are on the beach during this time of year. With being by the sand, and not having access to the snow people will make sand snowmen instead of just snowmen. Most people that live near the beach do this. 

On the other side of the US, Maine has a pretty fun tradition. When it snows, and there is enough snow on the ground, they will have sleigh rides. The “sleigh” is pulled by two horses around town when Santa visits the area. Another thing people do in Maine is turning lobster pots into Christmas trees. They will take the grates and stack them to the height/size they want. To finish the “tree” they will add little buoys and nets or other items you use to catch lobster. Super interesting! 

I asked a few students what they do during Christmas and some of their favorite traditions. A lot of people said that the week before Christmas they would go out with their friends and family to go look at Christmas lights or go out Christmas caroling. Another tradition that is popular is to make cookies for Santa and leave carrots and milk out with them. One of my favorites is to get matching pajamas and wear them with my friends or when my family opens one present on Christmas eve. 

Traditions are fun to have and do every year. Ask some friends or people what their favorites are, and then maybe you can add those to your family/friend tradition list.