Most Lucrative High School Jobs

Most Lucrative High School Jobs

Joel Huffaker and Levi Allen

High schoolers have a very wide variety of part-time jobs to choose from while they are in school. Some of them might pay pretty well, while other easier jobs will pay around minimum wage. Making money at an early age in life is very important and needs to be taken seriously. To do that effectively, finding the job that pays the most is key. 

One job that pays well is being a Caddy. This job earns between 20 to 30 dollars per hour. Students  can start being a caddy at the age of 14 with lower pay and the ability to work their way up. The relationship built between the golfers and yourself is priceless. These connections will be immensely helpful when  needing an internship, job recommendation, or college recommendation at any point in the future. (Grossman)

Another job that a lot of teenagers have been doing for a while now is babysitting. Babysitting pays 11 to 16 dollars an hour. This is also a valuable job in that students learn how to work with kids in almost every aspect of their life. If one wants to work with kids as a job in the future full time, it would be very valuable to look into this as a high school job. (Grossman)

The next popular job on our list is that of lifeguard.. This job pays anywhere from 9 to 16 dollars per hour. Not only does this job have pretty good pay, but the value and the worth of the job are quite literally in the name. Lifeguards are protecting the lives of all people in the pool in the event of an accident while they’re on shift. One additional bonus of this job is that outdoor options are available for individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors. Indoor positions are also available for people with health concerns who prefer to avoid direct sunlight. (Grossman)

Landscaping and lawn mowing are also popular jobs for high school students. . Generally, this will pay 30 to 40 dollars an hour depending on the work. Mowing is just a base pay, so these numbers increase as more tasks are added. This job can build a sense of work ethic and toughness in the workplace. Mowing can also build relationships with people you may see again in the future outside of mowing their lawns. The only drawback to this job is that, for every supply needed, the lawnmower themselves will need to pay for the necessary supplies . Mowing is self-employed for a lot of people, so students won’t have to go through anyone to do the job. You will probably also have to make your own schedule and decide on your own customers. (Grossman)

Another popular student job is that of sports referee. This will pay around 25 to 50 dollars per game. There are several benefits to having this job; one of them being that it is easy to  stay physically fit on the job. One valuable skill practiced in this job is dealing with controversy, which can be easy to translate into the workplace. Mistakes on sports calls are likely, or the parents will disagree with the call that was made, and one will have to continue on with the job. This is a great job opportunity for individuals who enjoy being around sports and would like to make money off of it. (Grossman)

These are all just examples of very general jobs for a high school student, but little to no qualifications are needed, and most of them are pretty easy. These are some of the highest-paying jobs that a high school student could be an employee of. When choosing a job, it is important to try to get one that applies to one’s future goals.