Dress Code

Dress Code

Cali Augustine and Emma Zurfluh

School dress codes can be a controversial topic depending on who you ask. Some people believe that dress codes can demote certain groups of students. Dress codes are instated to ensure students’ safety and promote a good learning environment. However, how do the dress codes at USD306 compare to those in surrounding schools?

On the USD 306 website, you can find the student handbook, which includes the school’s dress code on page 28. Our dress code entails many details about what is acceptable for students to wear during school, traveling to and from school activities using district transportation, and participating in a Southeast of Saline activity. The administration is to judge how students are following the guidelines. No article of clothing may be worn if it displays drug, alcohol, or tobacco advertisements or innuendos whether in writing or graphics. If clothing shows an offensive or derogatory statement or hint directed at a particular gender, race, religion, or minority, administrators will intervene. Shirts are expected to cover the torso, front and back, and have a high neckline to cover all cleavage. Tank top straps less than three fingers in width are not to be worn unless as undershirts. No shorts shorter than a pair of standard women’s athletic shorts (which have a 3” inseam) should be worn at any school function. Holes, rips, and other “distress” marks in jeans are acceptable under the condition that they are below the 3” inseam. Dresses and skirts are expected to be at least mid-thigh. (Wright, 2022)

The USD 305 dress code is much different than USD 306. The USD 305 handbook, on page 32, includes the dress code. The dress code states, “Student apparel and grooming must also meet requirements of any courses which are part of the approved curriculum in which they are enrolled.” The handbook also states, “Sexually suggestive Apparel; promotes violence, illegal activities, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; or is determined to be gang-related is prohibited. Students must dress in a manner that is not offensive or disruptive to the learning environment.”

After looking at the two different schools’ dress codes, we have come to the conclusion that there are a lot more rules for Southeast compared to USD 305. Both USD 306 and 305 dress codes entail that students are not allowed to wear clothing that displays drug, alcohol, or tobacco advertisements. Southeast goes into a lot more depth about how long shorts should be, how much shirts should cover, and how ripped jeans should be. USD 305 only states that students shouldn’t wear anything that is “sexually suggestive.” These are the biggest differences between our dress codes.