Should SES Have a Gumball Machine?

Should SES Have a Gumball Machine?

Charlie Drown, Photoshop specialist/authors

Everyone should know what happens when a singular person pulls out a gum packet in class just to grab one for themself. Next thing you know, there is a hoard of people around that desk the next second asking for a piece, always happens. What if there was a way to lessen that chance of being bothered by 10 different people asking for a piece of gum? There may be a little bit of a price involved, but what is some money to avoid this hassle? A gumball machine might just be the thing that may just solve a lot of the circles around those desks.


With that small price that will need to be paid, even just a quarter, people would be able to get their own gum that the school could supply them with! With all of this good news, there are still some downsides.  Some may use the gumball machine in bad ways, to even make teachers upset or mad, which may just result in them banning gum in their room overall. Some teachers may already do this but more will do so if students stick chewed gum on the bottom of desks, or even accidentally get gum stuck to the floor and carpet of that very room. If the students do not do this, however, this privilege has amazing upsides too!


Chewing gum during class could be negative or positive. It could enhance your focusing skill if you are actually trying to listen and pay attention to what people are saying, or, it could be a really bad distraction to people around the person chewing gum or even for that person themself. With this, most students will be more efficient in class, which may even get teachers to get through lessons faster if most are paying attention. This machine will even provide the school with small funds that could be used to further improve the school overall. Yet, with all of this information, the school of Southeast of Saline does not have a gumball machine at this moment. Should SES provide a gumball machine for the students and maybe even teachers? With all of the side effects that chewing gum may have, is it really ethical to be able to have a gumball machine inside of school?


This all depends on what will happen; who knows what the students will do with this privilege. Take it to heart? Or maybe just use it for their own mischievous pranks on their peers around them. This is completely up to the people who get gum from the machine. No one can control what they do with it but only hope it all goes well. This could be an amazing change for the students and staff inside SES, or this could all just grow into a disaster for the whole school. Though, with all of the people that definitely would go get gum from that machine, this could raise money for the school and fast! So many people love to chew gum, and having a gumball machine could help the school and all of the people in it.