Editor has had enough of privilege shaming

Editor has had enough of privilege shaming

Hope Nurnberg, Co-Editor

I have had enough. In fact, throughout my life, I have had more than enough. I have a great family that cares about me and has provided me with whatever I need in life to become successful and live a happy life. 

Some may call this being privileged, and it probably is, but many people think that having privileges in life makes us  ignorant or entitled or uncaring, and I disagree with that. I agree that there are some very ignorant privileged people in the world, but I have also met extremely rude underprivileged people. 

As I have grown up I have been given many opportunities that other kids my age may not have gotten, but these opportunities do not make me take things for granted. Of all the challenges to our humanity, the one I find most intriguing and disappointing is “privilege” shaming.

First, allow me to grant that my family is a huge blessing to me, and I recognize that their integrity and reputation in the community allows me privileges that others may not have. I have a great family that has opened many doors for me in my life. 

My parents have definitely armed me for success by making sure I get an education at a great school and helping me to save money to pay for college. Many people think that just because I grew up in a financially stable family that my parents will pay for my college expenses. Although they make sure all of my financial needs are met in life, this is not the only support they give me, My parents have taught all of my siblings and me how to not only how to work hard but also how to be kind, not only to each other, but to everyone around us. They taught me that not everyone in the world has it as good as I have it and that I should care for people (privileged or not) the way that my family cares for me.

I have had the opportunity to go to an amazing school. Since I have such a supportive family, they make sure that I never have anything to worry about in my home life. This gives me the chance to focus solely on school and make good grades. This will, in turn, allow me to attend almost any college that I desire. I will be able to get a degree in what I am passionate about, which is fashion. I recognize that not all students are able to focus on school because some  have family troubles or financial troubles at home which would make it hard to focus solely on school work, and I don’t look down on anyone because they haven’t been blessed with the same support that I have, but I don’t feel I should feel ashamed because my parents support my education and activities either.

Although my education is very important to me, I also have great eagerness to help people in the world. I have had an amazing life so far. I am very happy, but I am also able to see that not everyone has as many privileges that I have. I want to help people that have not had such a blessed life have reasons to be happy too. 

When I am old enough, I would love to adopt or foster children that have had difficult lives. I want to give them the same opportunities that I have had. I know that this will only affect a small number of people in the world, but I believe it would affect them positively.

I would also like to reach a bigger group of people to help. To do this, I would volunteer at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc. I cannot imagine not having a roof over my head or having no food to eat. This is something that I will probably never have to go through, but I understand that a multitude of people do experience hunger and homelessness. I have great compassion for any person in the world who is struggling.

 I know that I can’t build every homeless person a house or provide every starving person a meal plan, but if I can just help them in a small way by volunteering at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, it will at least help people a little. 

I do not just want to give money to causes either; I want to make a connection with the people who are struggling. I want to put a smile on their faces even if they aren’t in the happiest place in their life. My main goal is to make people genuinely happy. I want them to be able to think back to a time that they were helped and feel grateful for the help that was given to them.

Growing up with privileges has not made me an ignorant, snotty human being but instead a compassionate, hardworking one who want to help struggling people in ways that just donating money can’t.