Southeast of Saline Baseball Preview 2023

Cole Gilpin and Joel Huffaker

The Southeast of Saline baseball season is coming quicker than most people think. Only a few weeks left until the start of another amazing season for the Trojans. The following information comes from an interview with coach Goodell on his expectations for this season.

When asked about his initial outlook Goodell said this;
“It will be different than we’ve had in the past few years. We have a less experienced group and we lost some good players in some key positions.”

Coach Goodell also stated that “expectations should not fall and the goal is to still win every game possible. The main goal is to build up to sub-state.”

The Southeast baseball team is definitely going to have to make some changes within the lineup and game plan to be the winning team that they are capable of being.

“I think that it will affect the team in different ways. It will affect us more than it has in the past years because of the slightly less-experienced group of underclassmen that are below those seniors. Some key leadership roles definitely need to be filled and we need some underclassmen to step up and fill those spots,” said Goodell when speaking on the loss of five key senior players from last season.

Coach Goodell’s final words for this season are about the number of strikeouts that the team had last season. That number was far too high and if they can get the count down more, it will greatly increase the success during this season.

After all, Southeast of Saline Trojan Baseball is back, and the fans are ready to get back to the diamond to support the team. The Trojans’ first game is on Saturday, March 25th, at Kingman High School. Come support the Southeast Trojans during this year’s baseball season!