Trojournal proposes plans to go online, eliminate print

Trojournal proposes plans to go online, eliminate print

Drew Hanson, Co-editor

You guys don’t care about the Trojournal. We know; you don’t have to break it easy to us. It’s not just you, and it’s not really about us or our newspaper either. According to a study by San Diego State University, only approximately two percent of high school students regularly read a newspaper. 

This is outrageous, and it’s something that needs to change. Here at the Trojournal, our staff is dedicated to bringing about that change. 

To do that, we’ve come up with a mission to do away with paper and release an online publication each month. The publication that we envision will be hosted on our own website, and will feature stories, editorials, photos, and video. 

We’re proposing  powering this publication through Student Newspapers Online (SNO), a company that creates websites through WordPress, a tool to create websites. 

A main benefit of this online website is an aspect our generation thrives on- entertainment. On this platform, we will gain  access to a realm which a print newspaper publication cannot employ, video. We envision video features including sports highlights, interviews, and coverage of activities and events. 

When surveyed, 50 percent of students at SES said they preferred to keep the paper version. However, we are not planning to do that. Keeping paper is damaging to the environment, and when most papers  end up in the trash anyway and the online information can be presented in eye-popping color, there is no need for a paper version. 

One student surveyed said,  “I would never read the Trojournal online.” And to that I say: “I dare you to give it a try.” This edition of The Trojournal is hosted on the school’s website, which doesn’t allow for much “buzz” on the subpages. The new proposed website, if approved,  will be better for the students in every way possible; it will be accessible in a few simple clicks, and it can be viewed anytime, anywhere. 

Our SNO format will be very attractive and just as easy, if not more, to navigate than a newspaper. 

There is one hurdle that we have yet to cross. To move the Trojournal into modern times, it will cost  $650. $650! We are recommending spending this $650 to write about and improve reading for you. Our generation is about change, and being resistant to a change that makes the product eco friendly and easier to use is foolish. That’s why you should be reading the new and improved Trojournal. 

The goal of this publication is to feature the students in every aspect of our school. This includes sports, scholarship, clubs, and other interests of our student body. This new website, we hope, will  be in use and ready for our next publication. Our goal is to promote you and write about you on a site that reaches you where you spend a lot of time — online. We hope we can entice you to find us there.