Should students have access to libraries outside of school?

Kiki Riedel, Photographer/Author

As you know, most schools have one big library. At SES, we are lucky to have two, one for elementary, and one for secondary. Some schools also have limited libraries in classrooms. Also, some students like to explore a little since the school might not have the resources they need.


In my opinion, I think students should have the opportunity to go to other libraries outside of their school. It’s good for students to be able to go to other libraries because they might have other books, CDs, movies, or other resources that could help with a project. Another good thing about having access to other libraries is that students could also use it as a place to socialize. Upon talking to other students, some like to get coffee and just chill in the library while reading books. Having access to public libraries is better because, on the weekends, most kids can’t just go to the school library because the school is locked. 


Some libraries provide other things like clubs or programs. This is great for students because some schools might not provide things like some of the programs the library does. Students can get assistance from more librarians or people who can help with the programs/clubs they participate in. This is a better option for some students that want to learn more about their club because they can get assistance from someone who actually helps with that subject. To conclude, I think that students should have access to libraries because they provide different communication services, courses, and different educational services.