SES Softball Preview


Charlie Drown and Kiki Riedel

To start off the season, JV played at home against Smoky Valley. The girls won both games. Varsity then played the next week at Smoky Valley, and won both games by runrule. As you can see by just those few games the softball season is already off to a great start. We interviewed a few senior players and asked them how they think the team will do this season. The seniors are very confident in the team and think that they have a ton of potential. Savannah Sutton said, “We have a deep roster of girls who have the grit and skill to be the best team out there.” Savannah also talked about how having coaches who care, and teammates who have your back make this season a lot easier. Hopefully the girls can put it all together to go far in the season and accomplish their goals as a team.