Neff stands for Trump

Neff stands for Trump

Nicole Neff, Opinion Editor

The election is an incredibly controversial topic right now. Our Nation has two completely different nominees running against each other for a role that will affect the United States forever. Right now, our country faces the threat of loose abortion laws, so-called “unfair” tax breaks for the rich, and overly strict regulations on gun control, but I argue that President Trump has done a lot to make these things better and stands for great things. 

Trump is Anti-Abortion which is stance that I strongly believe in. According to Healthline, a baby’s heart starts beating at about 5 ½ to 6 weeks. This makes the fetus just as human as you. Abortion is taking the lives of fetuses that can’t speak up for themselves but their parents just don’t want them. Tommy Beer with Forbes stated that Biden supports late term abortions and plans to restor federal funding for planned parenthood.This is incredibly disturbing and wrong. Trump is working harder to make getting abortions more strict and only for those who medically need one. 

The next big topic many progressive voters have on their minds would be taxes. This group of people is frustrated with the fact that Trump only paid $750 in taxes (as per The New York Times). In reality, Trump’s taxes are so low  because he has an amazing accountant that watches every penny and brings in and takes out. Donald Trump has not pocketed one dime he has made during his time in presidency. In fact, each year Trump has donated his salary towards different charities and to reconstruction of damaged properties. Molly Stellino of USA Today reported that Trump donates ¼ of his yearly salary every quarter to different organizations which is equivalent to around $400,000. Some of these organizations over the past 4 years have included; Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Agriculture. Just a couple months ago Dailymail put out a report stating that Trump gave $100,000 of his salary to rebuild statues that were damaged during riots.

Gun Control is also a hot topic right now amongst non-Trump supporting voters.

Kim Kelly with the Washington Post stated that the 1934 Law (the National Firearms Act) bans the manufacture of “machine guns” (silencers and short-barreled rifles) and being sold. Biden plans to take this law a step farther and ban “assault weapons” (semi automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns with interchangeable magazines and those that fire intermediate cartridges). Everyone who already owns a firearm will have to register them under a federal buyback program or register them under the NFA. Those who do not surrender their firearm or register it under the NFA will serve 10 years in prison and a possible $10,000 fine. Elizabeth Thomas from ABC News reported that after the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio Trump put a post on twitter stating that he was and eventually did strengthen the background checks. “Big Second Amendment believer but background checks to weed out the sicko’s are fine,” said President Donald Trump. Trump signed a large federal bill that revised the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This pushes federal agencies to upload records to the background check system. This being done prevents those who have a criminal background to be about to buy guns. This was reported by Amy Sherman with Politifact. I myself, as a gun owner believe that just because some people use guns improperly that doesn’t mean that I should have to have mine taken away. Trump plans to let me keep my gun and rightfully call it mine while Biden intends to take my gun away or at minimum be registered through his program.  

“The Wall” has always been a big controversial topic ever since Trump said he wanted and was going to build it. Sabrina Tavernise with the New York Times shares that because of the wall and tighter restrictions on immigration, the amount of immigrants and refugees that have been allowed into our country has substantially declined. According to Michelle Hackman with the Wall Street Journal, Biden would commit to bringing in 125,000 refugees a year. Not in all 4 years, just in one year. The impact this would have on the U.S economy would be devastating. The number of jobs lost due to having to provide for them would rise. Taxes would climb so high that it would be ridiculous and shooting and attacks would rise to its highest. This is not ok. 

For these reasons I believe that the plans Trump has for the 21-24 presidential years is only going to continue to bring America back to a great place. Trump has already done so much for our country and has given more than most would even consider but he plans on doing even more. So on November 3rd, Vote for President Trump so we can keep America great.