FCCLA hosts drive in movie


Sydnee Poague, Sports Editor

New York City is under attack from an army of the undead….who ya gonna call? That’s right, GHOSTBUSTERS. This family-friendly movie was played on October 17th just outside the southeast building. FCCLA was looking for an idea for the community to come together and have a fun night while being safe and it’s safe to say they accomplished just that with this event, as a total of 40-50 middle and high school students combined were in attendance.

While FCCLA was wanting to have a fun night, they also held a fundraiser for the “Get a Meal, Give a Meal project.” This project’s intention was to help people in need in our community.  “Selling meals to families and community members with the extra funds going to send food to agencies like Ashby House or Rescue Mission,” Mrs. Wilson stated.  This was such a fun way of doing something like that and it succeeded well.

Attendees socially distanced by watching the movie from their cars or in small groups in lawn chairs in the parking lot. Also, it’s a simple fact that you can’t watch a good movie without a few snacks on hand! Therefore, Car Hops rotated to sell popcorn, cookies, chips and beverages, all individual packages for extra safety! “I thought the movie night was fun and a good amount of people came to watch. We picked the movie Ghostbusters because we wanted to stay in the Halloween spirit,” Senior Makenzie Boley said. 

Long story short, this event was a hit among those in attendance, and it should be noted that this night would not have been possible without the generosity of Great Plains Manufacturing and Mr. Dwight Conley for the projector, Ade Hay Farms for loaning us the tarp for the screen, and John Kuhn and Randy Beaumont for hanging the screen while others could enjoy themselves. FCCLA may look into doing this more in the future because it was a great way to get people together under these harsh times.