UPDATE: KSHSAA will allow parents to attend games

Korey Kogler, News Editor

Just weeks ago, the KSHSAA Board of Directors voted to not allow any spectators into winter activities. Since that meeting on Nov. 24, the KSHSAA appeals board asked the BOD to reconsider their decision. On Dec. 4, the eight-member appeals board voted 7-1 to recommend one or two parent(s) per athlete.

After the recommendation, the BOD met Tuesday, Dec. 8 to talk about the recommendations brought forward by the appeals board. The BOD voted 54-24 to amend their previous decision. The new policy allows up to two parents/guardians per participant(s) family as allowed by the local board of education and health department restrictions effective Dec. 10. This policy only allows parents/guardians above the age of 18 to be in attendance.

For Southeast of Saline, this decision became effective this Saturday, Dec. 12, during the basketball game against the Sacred Heart Knights, as parents from both schools were in attendance.