SES graduate thrives in post-high-school


Austin Hanson, Reporter

When SES students toss their caps in May, most head to local trade schools or colleges. There, they plan out their future and experience new things throughout an entirely new learning environment. Many graduates go into college or trade school knowing exactly what they want their next few years to look like. However, one such graduate, Luke VanTassel, headed off to Washington state to Pacific Lutheran University this fall with a fairly flexible plan, as he is currently undeclared in his major. 

That being said, while attending college, Luke has been busy. In fact, he recently picked up a sponsorship deal from Hulu, as his art page on social media platform TikTok has picked up attention. Luke currently has 731 thousand followers on the page, and has amassed 32.2M likes. He primarily works on and posts art pieces of his own, showing his talents in tape art and abstract sketches. His page has grown massively throughout quarantine, as the majority of his followers have appeared around this time.  This attention is the result for the streaming service Hulu to offer sponsorship. 

With the Tiktok creator fund, a fund that is put towards encouraging creators to focus more on their account through paying them, along with his sponsorship deal, Luke has seen potential in a job opportunity, or at the very least, a source of income in his platform. Many creators with large platforms often obtain several sponsorships, creating sources for income in both ad revenue and viewership. When taken seriously, this can allow for creators to nearly make a living off of their hobby, and for Luke, it’s no different. As Luke is still in college, he still has a lot of choices he can make for his future, and his platform can help ensure those choices are bound to succeed. 

Along with his fame on social media, Luke has been shown enjoying his time at college in other ways, exploring the widely open, natural landscape of the pacific northwest, or enjoying time in the city. He often posts on his Instagram pictures of his adventures, showing activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and more. 

Overall, Luke seems to be having an amazing time learning and exploring new things. He shows a bright future ahead of him, with his social media platform growing, along with his talents artistically. We wish the best of luck to Luke and are looking forward to his growth.