New Students & New Changes

Jenna Prochazka, Reporter

A new School year comes along with new beginnings and changes. This school year for SES has brought  many changes, good and bad. Many of these changes are here because of Covid-19. Over time, dealing with Covid, we have come out with new technology to help us get through these school years. Trevon Byrd, a new student this year at SES, says a great change from his last school year at Lakewood is the Temperature Check. It is handy and fast to use. This made a good impact on everyone in the school, especially since many students aren’t wearing a mask. Along with school brings us a lot of sickness, and the new technology helps us to prevent some of that sickness from creeping in. 

Covid-19 has affected everyone throughout these past years, and the virus is getting worse as fewer  people are paying attention to it. . Trevon states that he isn’t too worried about other people wearing their masks. After all, it is their choice to put themselves at risk. Other than masks not being mandatory in the school, kids are supposed to be wearing them on the busses. 

There have been many changes throughout these past few years, and things haven’t all gone as expected, but we are still getting through inconvenient times and they are something we won’t be forgetting. Some people are easily adapting to new changes during the school year, but for others, it has been more tough.  Thankfully we are all still making it through these tough times.