New School, Same Success


Kayson Lilley

With the Trojans Cross Country success in the last few years, they lost a crucial group of seniors, including Dominic Jackson, Luke Gleason, and Drew Hanson, who were all runners since their freshman year. New SES transfer Levi Allen hopes to keep that success rolling through his high school career. Allen transferred from Hillsboro High School, where he was the leading runner as a Freshman! He’s now a sophomore running for the Trojans in the 2nd or 3rd running spot, switching off with varying times in different meets with Damion Jackson.

Levi says “The team takes this sport more seriously than Hillsboro did.” “The team has taken me in as one of their own, they really take this sport as a team sport, rather than an individual sport.” Allen states. He also thinks that this team is quite a bit better than his previous team at Hillsboro, and that’s a plus for Allen. As the team has taken Levi in on their own, not only has Levi’s success been apparent, but the team’s success has been just as good. Levi’s goal for his sophomore season of Cross Country is to place top 5 at the state cross country meet. With Levi only being a sophomore, he has 2 more years of training, with the team and without, to get himself to the top of the XC ranks in the state for 3A. 

Levi has placed 1st at Hesston (sophomore division), 9th at Wamego, 5th at Buhler, and 8th at the Southeast of Saline meet. Some of his times have satisfied him this year, but says he’d like to get a little more consistent. With a time from 17:00 to around 17:30 this year, he hopes to be around 16:30 by the end of the year. Levi and the Trojans XC team has 5 meets remaining, including 3 of the most important meets of the season for the Trojans, including League at Downs/Lakeside, Regionals TBA, and (if top 2 as teams) State at Wamego.