Cross Country Summary

Jenna Prochazka, Reporter

It has been an exciting season for the cross country team this year. There have been a few injuries as well. One girl that has struggled this season with an injury is Ashley Prochazka. Ashley had been training almost everyday after school and throughout the summer to prepare for the season. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it to the first few meets, but she is back and continuing to get stronger.  “Everyone on the team is exactly right where they should be, and we are only getting better from here,” Ashley said.

The cross country team has some strong runners, whether it be varsity or junior varsity. Its a very tough sport because it can be mentally and physically challenging for them. If you aren’t mentally prepared then things might go south, as well as if you’re not exercising enough then that will make it a lot more difficult and mentally challenging as well. 

As every year goes by, the seniors high school running career ends as some new incoming freshman arrive to help keep the team going. This year we have some outstanding freshman runners. They have a long season ahead of them and it is exciting to see how well the team is succeeding and all the hard work that they are putting in. It can be hard to adjust to new seasons with all the changes and learning new things and going to new courses.