Celebrity Life

Kimber Ogorzolka, Reporter

If you could be any celebrity in the world, who would you be? What would you do? How would you spend all of your money? Many people say they want to be someone famous who is very rich and well known, and the students at Southeast of Saline High School are no different. Here is what some of the students at Southeast of Saline reported when asked what they would do if they became famous.


Allison Moddelmog 

Allison stated that if she could be any celebrity that she wanted to be, she would just be a very rich person. She wouldn’t work at all, as she would not need to work. Allison said she would live in Europe and would eat gourmet food, spending her time playing with puppies. Allison would also drive a hot pink bus around and ride on elephants. She would have lots of pets such as puppies, pandas, tigers, and elephants.


Chase Gilpin

Chase would declare herself as Chase “The Nun” Gilpin. She would be a nun and live in a covenant with other nuns. She would spend her time with other nuns and scroll on her secret nun dating app. Sister Chase would drive around in the nun-mobile and have an array of nun costumes at her disposal.


Macy Bunch

Macy Bunch said that she would be someone who is very well known, and internet famous. She would be a celebrity who either lives in California or Hawaii, and she would spend her money on shoes. Macy would drive around in a very fancy car while driving back and forth between her photoshoots.


Eli Sawyers

If Eli could be any celebrity that he wanted, he would be Kevin Durant because he went D1. He would be a famous basketball player and he would live off a D1 campus. Sawyers would spend all of his money on pre-workout. He would drive a Chevy Tahoe with basketball rims and drive to Gucci where he would get all of his clothes.


Landon Albrecht

Landon would be Salvador Perez, #13 on the Kansas City Royals. He would be an MLB player and get to play baseball for a living. He would live in Kansas and drive around in a Ford F-150. Landon would spend his free time fishing. He would own cats and buy lots of cool stuff with his money.


Karsyn Schlesener

Karsyn Schlesener would be Sadie Roberston-Huff because she has written books, started podcasts, went on tour, and designed her own community organization. She would be an Instagram Influencer and a Motivational Christian Speaker. Karsyn would live in Orange County, LA, and she would drive an Audi around. Schlesener would shop at online boutiques and ZARA. She would own a golden Retriever, and in her free time, she would hang out with her friends at the beach.


Brooke Johnson

Brooke stated that she wished to be Nicki Minaj because she wants to be a rapper. She also stated that she wanted to be a janitor in Africa who owns white fluffy cats. She would also drive in her white van and go to the park to shoot hoops.


Malachi Hopkins

Malachi would live in Florida and he would be DeAndre Hopkins because he plays in the NFL, and Malachai wishes to become a football player. He would drive around in a Ferrari and go to Nike and buy clothes. Hopkins wishes to own a Husky and a Wolf dog, during his free time he would play video games and play with his dogs.


Marcus Davis

Marcus wishes to be Juice World because he wants to be a rapper. He would live in Bora Bora and Marcus would drive a Nissan GTR35 and spend all of his money on cars. He would own 2 german Shepards and take them to Niki and Adidas stores.


Resha Hopkins Jackson

Resha would be Cardi B, and she would also become an actress. She would live in Atlanta Georgia, and she would save up her money and help her family. She would go shopping at Nike, Champion, Jordan, and Supreme, and she would put all of her bags into her Grey Dodge Challenger and head home to her German Shepard and Husky dogs.