Covid Vaccine Booster Shots


Ali Richardson , Reporter

Right now, there are a lot of questions concerning the booster shot for the Covid 19 vaccine. Who is eligible to get one? Will it be denied by the FDA? Is it this same shot as the first two? These are common questions among people today.  

According to the CDC, the only people that are eligible to get a booster are people who are 65 years or older, and people that are 18 years or older if they live in long term care facilities, have underlying medical conditions, or who work or live in high risk areas. This same group is also the only group eligible for the shot because they are the most at risk of getting sick. 

As of this point, the Pfizer shot is the only one that is offering boosters, so you are only able to get a booster if your first two shots were from Pfizer. This is because the booster shot can’t be different from the first two. 

Although the booster shot is recommended for people over the age of 65, the FDA has denied it for the general public. According to the FDA, the reasons for denying the booster  is because of the lack of research for younger age groups and because there is no need for it. This is because the  initial shots are still effective. 

After several tests from the FDA, patients who have gotten the first two doses of the vaccine still have the antibodies protecting them from the virus. Because of this, the FDA believes that there isn’t a need for the booster shots right now which is why they have denied them to the general public. 

There are some concerns about the booster shot being different from the first two shots, and if it is the same, then why should you get one? According to Hopkins Medicine, the booster shot is the exact same as the first two. The reason for getting it is preventative in nature in the  case that the protection from the first round of shots has worn off, but according to the FDA the first shots should still be effective.

In conclusion, there are lots of questions and concerns regarding the Covid booster vaccine, so this is a topic that needs to be discussed more often.