Tough Times During Covid

Jenna Prochazka, Reporter

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everyone, and people started to stay home so they are safe and away from sickness. Aside from that, people were having troubles with their jobs because of the pandemic and its restrictions getting more intense.Traveling from place to place spreads many germs and diseases. Because of this, people who needed to travel for work via car, public transport, or plane, were severely impacted. It can be very inconvenient to where people have to go the extra measure and clean everything frequently.
Some people tended to try and ignore the virus and things going on around them which made it so much more difficult for the people who were trying to stay safe. We’ve had over 44 million people with confirmed cases, and over 714 thousand people have died. Currently people are still getting covid to this day, and less people are continuing on to wear masks.
“I think masks should be mandated for people who don’t have the vaccine, but there is no way you can quickly prove that they’re vaccinated or not; which is the hard part. I also think that the vaccine should be a requirement.” says Chloe Willis. Although everyone should get the vaccine, not everyone is going to commit to getting it or is able to get it. Getting vaccinated and or wearing a mask will stop the spread of covid and the delta variant. Staying safe from germs and diseases is important for all because anything can happen.