Rake and Run

Kimber Ogorzolka, Reporter

The Southeast of Saline Science Club members hosted a Rake and Run on Sunday, November 14th. The Rake and Run is an event involving students at SES who are in the Science Club. These students go to people’s houses who need their yard raked, and the students rake them. Then the students move on to helping other individuals. They try to rake up as many leaves as they possibly can.

Students who are in the Science Club met at the Southeast of Saline campus l to go rake leaves. There were  15 students who came to volunteer for the Rake and Run after enjoying pizza with their fellow Science Club members.

The science club members went to Mrs. Hagan’s house and raked her yard. Mrs. Hagan’s husband recently died, and she also just got COVID so she was unable to rake her yard. A science club member, Allison Moddelmog stated, “When we stepped into her yard, we couldn’t even see our feet.”  Mrs. Hagan’s yard was in need of some love and full of leaves, but our students at SES raked them all up and helped her out. 

All together, the Science Club member raked up about 5 yards. They also managed to rake up leaves into 39 30-gallon  bags. They raked up leaves for about two hours and helped many people in need with leaves in their yard. 

Once they were done with raking leaves up, they all got on the bus and came back to the school, and then went home. Overall you could say that the members of the Science Club had a successful day by helping people rake up leaves in their yards.