Dream on’

Dream on

The weirdest dream that I have had, was when I was in my bathroom at home. There was an old lady who I didn’t recognize in there with me. I was holding a chunk of my own hair, and it was talking to me. This lady and my hair were trying to send me on an earth-saving quest. Maybe this dream means that I am an aspiring superhero? The world may never know. 


Dreams have been a topic of controversy for decades. What do they mean? Do they reveal anything about a person? Many SES students have had some bizarre dreams. According to Sigmund Freud, “all dreams are motivated and expressions of wishes,” (Psychologydiscussion.net). 


Students have mixed opinions about what dreams truly mean. Some students agree with Freud regarding how dreams can reveal a person’s unconscious desires. One anonymous student said, “What people dream about depends on what they think about and how they respond to things.” When asked about some of their bizzare dreams, one student said, “I was sobbing and I neglected a baby while shopping and woke up.” According to Freud, this student may be afraid of the stresses and responsibilities of parenthood. 


However some students disagree with this concept. According to one student,  “No. Dreams usually have a meaning, it doesn’t mean anything bad really unless you’re a lucid dreamer.“ (Being able to lucid dream, means that you become aware that you are dreaming and are able to control your dreams). 


Finally, many students have mixed feelings about the true meanings of dreams. According to one student, “I think sometimes they (dreams) do, but other times they can just be super random.”


Whether you agree with Freud or not, dreams are an interesting topic. Dreams have helped shape us as people. They influence our moods, our sleep, and our days. The next time you think about a dream you have had, ponder about it. It may reveal more to you about yourself than you ever knew. 



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