Could we Survive Without Phones?

Haivyn Nelson

According to Anya Kamenetz, from Radio Kansas, 84% of teenagers own a mobile phone, and 53% of kids get their first phone before the age of 11. Many of these people from these studies could be considered addicted to their phone and screen time. Now that phones have become an essential component to our everyday lives, how could we survive without them? 


Before phones existed, people lived and survived just fine without them. Without phones, your stress levels can impressively decrease. The best way to start lessening stress is to leave your phone at home when you go to school or work. Great information. What is your source? 83% of Americans said they feel uneasy leaving their phone away from them for more than 6 hours. This could be a contributing factor as to  why the percentage of stress in  working people is so high. Not only can the demands of a job be stressful on their own, but worrying about getting a text message or the new video being uploaded can also add to your stress load. 


On average, adults spend at least 5.4 hours on their phones a day. Of those same people, their phones get checked at least 58 times a day. Teenagers spend up to 7 hours and 22 minutes on their phones daily. That’s nearly a whole school day! This amount of screen time can affect both someone’s mental and physical well being. Studies show that the blue light on your cell phone decreases the amount of melatonin given to your brain. Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster at night and also wake up easier in the morning. When the blue light takes the natural melatonin from you, it can be more difficult to get a full night of sleep. This can impact your physical stamina and also your mental look on the next day. Phones make people less aware because of the fatigue people present.


Another big reason cell phones can be bad for you is the obvious distraction they entail. 1 out of every 4 car wrecks are caused by someone who was texting while driving. Like mentioned previously, most people are considered to be addicted to being on their cell phones. It doesn’t only affect themselves but it can also injure other people around them. Although I personally enjoy having a phone as a communication and boredom resource, would getting rid of cell phones be such a bad thing?