February Teacher Spotlight


The teachers at Southeast of Saline contribute greatly to the school’s culture. Mr. Harris is a great example of that. This week’s teacher spotlight is Mr. Harris. He has been teaching at Southeast of Saline for 22 years. Mr. Harris chose to work at Southeast of Saline because he was excited by the available opportunity. Mr. Harris has a fun, bald personality! (Sorry, I meant bold.) Mr. Harris is loved by many students. He creates a fun and friendly environment in his classroom.

Mr. Harris received his degree in elementary education from Kansas State University. Mr. Harris teaches elementary math, science, and social studies at Southeast of Saline. His favorite subject in school was math. If he could choose a different subject to teach, he would choose writing. Mr. Harris didn’t know that he wanted to be a teacher until he was a sophomore in college. A fun fact about Mr Harris is that if he could choose any other job besides teaching, he would be a salesperson.

Mr. Harris said his favorite part of teaching at SES was getting to see kids grow up from kindergarten to seniors. His least favorite part of teaching is collecting work from absent students. Outside of school, Mr. Harris enjoys playing cards with friends. During the summer, Mr. Harris enjoys watching his kids play sports. This keeps him very busy.

Mr. Harris creates a fun environment in his classroom by telling funny stories. Students learn a lot about Mr. Harris and each other when they hear these stories. Mr. Harris said, “I think everyone knows everything about me if they listen to my stories.” Mr. Harris is also known for the nicknames that he gives to students. Students in his class each get a nickname, and that sticks with them throughout the year. Kids love this tradition. This is just another thing that makes his class environment so memorable.